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Are you one of the 144,000?

The Truth about Creation and how it applies throughout the Universe! From Lucifer to Satan, what his/her revenge was all about. 

Which organizations are under Lucifer/Satan's control. How to reclaim your soul after being tricked to break all generational curses. 

What I discovered at the Disclosure Conference in DC and my take on Dr. Steven Greer. 

What is our solution to reverse Earth's heading towards destruction at 11:59:30.


The humans of Earth as a species have reached a precipice in their history where they must determine the path and future of their existence on planet Earth. The two categories of choices that face them is to (1) evolve to a high spiritual frequency, create a fair and equal social construct, and a physically free culture, or (2) continue their current trek of death, deception, destruction, and enslavement by artificial intelligence. Every civilization in the universe has reached this point at some time in their trek towards spiritual perfection. Many civilizations did not make it, and they spiraled into an abyss of darkness and existence that is counter to the natural laws of the universe. Even though they have advanced in technology, they are known throughout the galactic counsel and universe as low frequency entities that are working themselves back to the natural laws.


The decision of earthlings requires a high frequency of consciousness by a small few (144 to 1.44 million) to demonstrate by example. Their demonstration of unconditional love will influence the multitude to follow with blind faith.  The equations of the 144 are based on the electromagnetic fields of a developing species solar system. This small collective must come together invoking the natural laws of the universe in order to accomplish this mission. The root of the natural laws is that all men/women are created equally and treat people the way you would like to be treated. They must coordinate their variable skills based on the 144 equations as one to overcome the divisive agenda that was implemented by the low frequency entity known on this planet as Lucifer.   


This small collective must recognize that the Lucifer factor exists throughout the universe and that its purpose is to test humanity to its limits. It must also recognize that Lucifer and his/her kind have a time stamp - an expiration date. At the point of this expiration (NOW), Lucifer will attempt to obtain an extension on his contract with the Most High to continue the corruption and enslavement of humans of planet Earth. Lucifer’s plea is that earthlings are not ready.  It is the job of the 144,000 to evict Lucifer and his/her crew for a cycle of a thousand years (metaphor) and terminate the contract. This process serves the purpose of elevating the spiritual frequency of earthlings to the highest level for creating a balanced and civilized culture. In order to make a fine wine, yeast is required in the fermentation process to create a volatile reaction. Ultimately, this process creates a smooth, balanced good tasting wine. Lucifer and his crew are the yeast on planet Earth.  


This book serves as a guide to the 144 to organize their ranks, establish an operational objective and implement the ultimate strategy to accomplish their mission. This book will arm them with the technology to dismantle the Luciferian illusion that is misleading the children of Earth. It will also invoke the protection needed from the most advanced civilization throughout the universe. They are the benevolent ones, and they love us unconditionally.


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