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As a member of Urban Progress Alliance you will join and have access to a group of individuals and families that take pride in the Tampa Bay area by honoring our code: All for Each and Each for All. Our goal is to be the clearinghouse of information to guide our members to economic freedom!

UPA is the glue that holds the city together.

UPA town hall meeting to discuss certian issues and solotions our communities face. Let your voice be heard.

Get Involved...

UPA is always hosting events to showcase our community pride, and to spread the joy of togetherness.

Take Action.

UPA has a networking strategy to stimulate economic growth within our communities. We connect our communities with several different professionals and programs to help achieve our goal of economic prosperity for all.

Main Street Market

UPA wants to build a 30,000 square foot grocery store on the corner of Main St and Howard. The market will offer a grocery store, pharmacy and cafe.

The Gateway Renovations

UPA is in negotiations with local business owners on the strip of Main Street to renovate storefronts to showcase African and Caribbean culture to bring in international traffic and bringing valuable resources for our community.

500 Units & Training Program

UPA plans to build a 500 unit affordable housing unit which we will use as a stepping stone into home ownership. With available financial literacy programs designed to get our residents financially ready to own their home. 

Community Outreach

UPA will be the pioneers that brings people together with their communities through events, townhall meetings, and local combines in the Tampa Bay area.

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