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Urban Progress Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization based in Tampa, FL offering services and provide resources to low and moderate income communities in the areas of Transitional Housing, Mortgage Assistance, Real Estate Consultation, and Community Service Coordination. Urban Progress Alliance Inc. uses a distinctive and interactive approach that allows our clients to access services that aid them in rebuilding their own community, creating a solid social structure and quality standard of living all within a sustainable framework. Urban Progress Alliance works together with citizens of the community, investors, business owners, and affiliated organizations to create a synergistic force to make community stabilization and advancement possible. Our mission is to serve all the people of Tampa by working with citizen groups to create a multi-faceted wealth in economy, spirit, culture, and human relations.

mission statement

Urban Progress Alliance is a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation, whose purpose is to bring equality and social responsibility to the urban re-development process.  Urban Progress Alliance brings together all levels of the private sector with both corporate and government initiative.

The UPA is committed to sparking a revolution of positive changes throughout American cities and urban demographics.  We aim to empower and motivate our urban and minority communities to be financially self sufficient, to create, develop, grow and distribute wealth.

UPA is politically non-partisan and religiously non-affiliated. Our actions consciously reflect The Golden Rule and we are staunchly egalitarian regarding race, gender and sexual preference. We are “inclusive.”

Urban Progress Alliance’s GOAL is to affect the re-development process, so as to enable a better and more prosperous urban environment for all members of society.

Black Wall Street represented success, independence and wealth for African Americans .... this is a legacy worth repeating.

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