The Gateway to Africa and the Caribbeans


Broaden Your Horizons

UPA provides an amazing opportunity to bring people together from many African countries and the caribbean islands. We offer assistance with obtaining dual citizenship to build meaningful lasting relationships and at the same time establishing powerful networking strategies for foreign and domestic affairs.


From our base in Tampa Florida, we are working together with local partners rapidly expanding throughout Africa.

Know How

Invest In Ourselves

Having the right contacts and knowledge of how the local market works is crucial for our success. We have the necessary contacts and knowledge needed.  Except YOU!!!

Adequate resources is also a critical success factor for the establishment in Africa. We can invest ourselves and find investors both in Africa and in your domestic market. 


Want To Travel Abroad?

We have connections in many different countries so you'll get the most out of your experience. Whether you want to stay for a weekend or a couple months, we have a plan for you.

Or Do You Want To Immigrate?

Either for a few years or for life we can assist you with obtaining key necessities including:​​

  • Healthcare 

  • Dual Citizenship

  • Housing & Employment

  • and more!

Here In The States

UPA is currently in negotiations with businesses on the strip of Main St. to renovate storefronts and create a local tourism hub that showcases cultures from Africa and the Caribbean with the goal to bring tourism attraction and strong international relationships.

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