A community is where a group lives, learns, competes, and thrives. It is where they store their valuables, history,

culture, businesses, jobs and functional schools. Physical communities and a strong sense of community are essentials

for surviving and prospering in a group-based environment. UPA offers a variety of programs that were designed specifically to address voids identified in low to moderate income communities which include financial literacy and training programs, community outreach and coordination,  health and wellness. All aimed towards the goal of  creating a self sustainable community bringing economic empowerment for all our members and affiliates.  



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Financial Literacy

UPA will develop a training program to assist households with budgeting, credit awareness, and also a loan certificate program for home ownership.

Town Hall Meetings

For the purpose of redeveloping West Tampa UPA has consulted and will continue to consult with the communities various stakeholders, to include residents, local business owners, and government agencies. It has been our experience that best efforts include all voices. We have identified key partnerships to be included in the Planning and Implementation process of this community endeavor.   

Community Captains

UPA is always looking for more leaders to serve as community captains in many different areas of the Tampa Bay area ranging from West Tampa to Progress Village to incorporate our ideas. Are you a strong leader who doesn't put their own greed before the need of the people? We want to hear from you, put community captain in the message box below if you are interested.

Youth And Adolescents 

The youth is our future and we want to secure a better way for them to have a better quality of life. We will develop low cost after school programs, summer camps, sports, and trade training for our youth and adolescents to prepare them to become a well rounded  respectable young adult.

Health And Wellness

UPA will offer a community garden in the midst of West Tampa  to serve as a food source for locals within a 5 mile radius of Beach St and Rome Ave.

Straight Talk Radio

Every Saturday morning at 9 come join us on the air on Facebook Live and soon to be on YouTube, where we discuss positive changes and implement ideas to further our society.

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